Personalised wall-mounted acrylic photo print : 90 cm x 60 cm


Acrylic photo print on Diasec: 3 mm

Preserve your most cherished photographs forever with a personalised wall-mounted photo print. Your wall-mounted photo print will look absolutely stunning after being retouched by our graphic designer. Order your acrylic wall-mounted photo prints now and turn your best memories into beautiful works of art.

  • Money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied: You are guaranteed your money back because printing your photographs on acrylic with Picsmyhome is all about vibrant images, sharp colours and clarity.
  • Best quality acrylic photo prints available in France:. Your wall-mounted photo print will be made using a method called “Diasec”, which is used in art galleries, museums, exhibitions and for contemporary art displays. This is a concept created by a team of renowned interior decorators. The majority of other online photo printing sites offer a photo printing service called “plexi print”. This is actually a method of attaching the photo directly onto the acrylic by gluing onto each of the two opposing surfaces. Consequently, people using these online providers find that due to the effects of the heat and light, their photo print appears yellow. Printing your photos on acrylic through the “Diasec’ process offers 99% UV protection, ensuring that your photograph will not turn yellow over time.
  • Dibond with laminate finish: Dibond is a completely flat panel, which consists of polyethylene (a plastic material) and two aluminum sheets. The way these three layers are fabricated makes them inseparable. Dibond offers the following advantages: It remains completely rigid and absolutely flat, regardless of what the temperature may be. This is the reason why an acrylic photo print from Picsmyhome requires no frame.
  • A ready-to-hang photo print delivered directly to your door:: On the back of your wall-mounted print you will find two aluminium rails, over which you can easily hook your photo onto two standard wall nails. The aluminium rails also play an aesthetic role here, as they distance the painting from the wall, creating a shadowing effect that makes the photo print stand out.
  • Waterproof photo print: Using Diasec for your acrylic photo print will protect it against damp, so you can choose to decorate the walls of your bathroom or kitchen with your acrylic wall-mounted photo prints. Maintenance is also easy as you will need is a lightly dampened sponge to remove any dust.

Large size: 60 cm x 40 cm, Small size: 40 cm x 30 cm

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