Wall-mounted acrylic photo of Paris_Arc de Triomphe


This wall-mounted acrylic photo print of Paris makes the perfect contemporary wall decoration for your apartment or office. Adding colour to a black-and-white photoraph will bring a special brightness into the area where the photo print is to be displayed. Purchasing this photograph of Paris means you will have an original and unpublished photo print on acrylic . If you are looking for a photograph of Paris to purchase, then why not go with a large format photo print on acrylic. A variety of sizes are available for photo prints in the larger format: 60 cm x 40 cm is the standard size for a photo print serving as a wall decoration, 90 cm x 60 cm is a slightly larger size that makes your wall-mounted print an interesting focal point in the room that it will be hung. Finally, the 120 cm x 80 cm size is is a very large format photo print, similar to the ones that can be viewed in certain museums or large hotels.

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