Acrylic photo prints: formats and prices

Picsmyhome is now offering one of its best  value for money deals for your acrylic photo prints All our photo prints are available in 3 different sizes.   To learn more about each size and each holder, please read the explanations below…. Because there will always be a photo print waiting for you….

Acylic photo prints size S:  60 cm x 40 cm


Low price photo prints available for €179


The size S is the smallest size we offer in the standard size range. This is suitable for many photographic genres,  such as architecture, landscape or abstract. It is perfect if you do not have much space on your walls. This format is perfect for adding that finishing touch to the decor of a small room in your home, or even for brightening up a small office.

Here is an interior decor setup, which should give you an idea of the actual size of this photo print: 


Tableau-pas-cher-60x40cm-picsmyhome.Tableau photo décoration murale. Tableau toile photo

Acrylic photo prints size M:  90 cm x 60 cm


Low-price photo prints available for €249.


The size M is an intermediate standard size. These photo prints can be used for a variety of photographic genres, such as architecture, buildings or landscapes. If you have any doubts, it is worth remembering that this is our customers favourite format for choosing a decorative feature that is both stylish and refined.

We can also offer you a choice of low-price, made to measure photo prints.

To give you an idea of the actual size of this photo print, here is an interior decor setup :


Acrylic photo print size L:  120 cm x 80 cm


Low-price photo prints available for €398.


The size L is the largest standard size that we offer. This is perfect for displaying photos of buildings, abstract  shapes or sculptures. We advise you to choose this photographic format for decorating the walls of a large room (such as a living room).

We can also work alongside you, providing you with low-price and made to measure photo prints.

You can assess the size of this photo print by viewing the example below :    


tableau-photo-pas-cher--120x80cm-picsmyhome.Tableau photo décoration murale. Tableau toile photo

Made to measure Acrylic photo print

Would you like your made to measure photo print in a large format? Just contact us specifying your required measurements, as well as the quantity of prints you would like. As soon as we receive your request, we will send you an accurate quote.

 Here is an image of a photo print printed on acrylic :   

Low price photo print in acrylic-Picsmyhome Exclusive offer-Photo print wall decoration