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And now, a little about me. My name is Éric Soh-Deffo, the founder and designer of Picsmyhome. We have a choice of many different paths throughout our lives, I have chosen to dedicate my life to decorating interiors like yours, and offering you my top quality modern wall-mounted photo prints, all at the most affordable prices. Low-cost wall-mounted photo prints at an affordable price, and also design-based? Yes, we can make all this possible at Picsmyhome!

After studying business in Grenoble, I decided to devote my free time to my greatest passion, photography. This was much more than a mere hobby, and my passion grew into an exhilarating labour of love. Seeking, naturally, to perfect my work, in 2012 I was led to the Jean Verdier Center in Paris. Here I worked with renowned photographers and gallery owners, such as Bruno Dubreuil (Associate Director of the Immix gallery in Paris).

After decorating my own apartment, and those of friends, I decided it was time to share my passion for contemporary wall prints with others who appreciate beautiful photographic art. This is how I found my chosen path of offering my exclusive wall art prints for sale. Each wall-mounted photo print has been carefully selected with one specific purpose in mind: to make your home beautiful! These wall-mounted photo prints are all originals, and are only available through Picsmyhome.

Photo de Eric Soh-Deffo fondateur de Picsmyhome (vente de tableaux modernes)

So, why should you choose Picsmyhome to provide your contemporary wall-mounted photo prints?

Well, our wall-mounted photo prints are all developed in a professional photographic laboratory.

When you choose Picsmyhome to create your wall-mounted photo prints you are choosing to use a company that offers its customers quality and transparency. We have chosen not to hide anything from you, for example details on the manufacturer, the photographer and the service provider of your product. All our wall-mounted photo prints are developed through a professional photo lab in France called the Picto laboratory. We should also point out that this laboratory is actually one of the largest photo development labs in France. The lab has been working alongside profisionals, and developing their photographs, for the last 65 years.

Leading photographers, such as Raymond Depardon, Peter Knapp, Sarah Moon, William Klein, and Christian Courrèges regularly use Picto to create wall-mounted photo prints from their own photographs. Notably, the famous late photographer Henri Cartier Bresson would also regularly entrust the job of developing his prints to the Picto laboratory. This means that you will have the benefit of a professional quality service for the development of your wall-mounted photo prints.

Picsmyhome contemporary wall-mounted print in a stylish living room Decorative wall-mounted photo print. Canvas wall-mounted photo print. Decorative wall-mounted photo print for interiors. Photographic wall-mounted print. Low-cost wall-mounted photo prints

The wall-hanging device on your wall-mounted prints.

All our wall-mounted prints will arrive ready to hang. As soon as you receive your painting, you can simply hang it straight onto your wall. It really is as simple as that! Each wall-mounted print will be delivered with its own wall hanging device. It is not necessary to buy your own hooks, because these are all provided for you.

You will receive a double-sided pad (one side adhesive and one side with a hook) that you simply need to stick to the back of your wall-frame. This makes it possible to protect your wall against potential scratch marks from the wall-mounted print, and also facilitates an easy hanging process for you.

Livré, accroché, admiré !

Treat yourself to a contemporary wall-mounted photo print in total security.


The wall-mounted photo prints that we offer at Picsmyhome are developed in a specialist photo laboratory, based in France, which excels in producing the highest quality images. With this laboratory’s outstanding reputation, in both mainland France and beyond, the quality of your exclusive, and low-cost, wall-mounted photo print is guaranteed!

  • Should something go wrong with your delivery, which happens very rarely, for example a damaged frame, a scratch, or any other problem, simply get in touch with us and we will quickly resolve this for you. (Find out more about our Terms and Conditions)


  • You are guaranteed a completely secure payment process, handled by the specialist on-line payment solutions we provide for you, such as PayPal or Stripe. To guarantee your confidentiality and security, your bank details will be securely encrypted (using SSL).
Exclusive and original contemporary wall-mounted photo print of Barcelona. Our exclusive collection is only available at Picsmyhome. Decorative wall-mounted photo print.

Free delivery

Do you live in mainland France? In this case the you can benefit from our free delivery service for your prints. However many wall-mounted photo prints your order, delivery will always be free!

Your contemporary wall-mounted photo print will be carefully wrapped.

To potect all your wall-mounted photo prints during transit, they will always be sent in protective packaging. The packaging we use is similar to what is used for the special transportation of paintings between exhibitions. Picsmyhome wall-mounted prints are expertly packaged by photographic professionals. Their expertise ensures that our goods are transported safely, and we keep in mind that your wall-mounted photo print is just as precious as any framed work of art. We truly believe that your purchase is also a work of art, and that it deserves our undivided attention.

Exclusive and original contemporary wall-mounted photo print of New York. Decorative wall mounted photograph.Decorative wall-mounted photographs for interiors.

Your wall-mounted photo print is an exclusive purchase

All the wall-mounted photo prints offered by Picsmyhome are only ever available through this website. You will never be able to find these photographs in galleries or displayed for brand publicity. Each one of our contemporary wall-mounted photo prints is made to order.

We do not mass produce our products, which therefore ensures that your wall-mounted print is exclusively and personally your own.

Your peace of mind is important to us!

We offer our customers transparency in their purchase, just as we do throughout our customer communication. We wish to make clear that we will not use your email address for marketing or information purposes Your address will only used to keep you updated on the progress of your order (e.g. confirmation, tracking and billing).

If you would like to receive news about Picsmyhome, we recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter.

Contemporary wall-mounted photo prints produced in France

Picsmyhome is a French company, based in Paris, under SIRET No.819 577 677. We are contactable by phone on: +33 (0)1 77 75 52 84. This is not a premium rate number.

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